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Our clients are talking... and they say the nicest
things! Not only do they tell us how they feel but
they are also telling their friends and associates.




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"About Healthcare has been caring for my son for nearly two years now.  The agency clearly has his best interests in mind and has been able to provide his services in a very professional manner.  The staff are reliable and consistent, and follow up by the supervisors is timely and thorough.  Thank you for giving me peace of mind when I am not home with my son".

"I've been a client of About Healthcare Services for almost two years. I have a physical developmental disability that is also progressive. I have been satisfied with the services they provide for me. I can easily discuss any problem I may have with them and it is resolved quickly. I am very thankful to AHS"                    DD

"It takes compassion, patience and understanding to perform the tasks the staff at About Healthcare Services perform everyday. Your staff does the job with ease and professionalism. Thank you for caring for my child in the same manner that I do"

"Thank you for how your staff have been taking care of my parents for almost two years. The staff are a reflection of your company. You might be fairly new but you do a lot better than the previous company that has been around for a long time"

"Your staff are always so helpful and very dependable. I talk about you and recommend you to my friends"                EW                                                                                                                                                                                    




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